TIBCO Jaspersoft®

Embedded Analytics and Reporting Software

The New Era of Competitive Advantage for Software Companies

World's most widely used business intelligence suite leverages open source for the best, most cost-effective reporting, dashboards & analytics.
Unlike traditional BI tools, Jaspersoft allows anyone to easily self-serve and get the answers they need inside their preferred app or on their favorite device.
Unlike desktop visualization tools, Jaspersoft scales architecturally and economically to reach everyone.

Commercial Software Applications

Boost your app with embedded self-service report design, dashboards, and analysis.

SaaS or Cloud Applications

Deliver best-in-class reports and embedded BI dashboards for your external portal or customer facing applications.

Custom Internally Built Applications

Make insight more pervasive for your custom or internal built applications, or improve your brand and customer relationships with customer facing embedded analytics.


Interactive Reports

Interact with report charts and tables including on-the-fly sorting, filtering, and formatting of column values and headers.

Embedded Dashboards and Mashboards
(Mobile Ready)

Provide a collection of interactive reports, charts, and external web content onto a single screen with our dashboards. Create and view reports, dashboards and analysis on iPhone or Android mobile devices.

Self-Service Reports and Data Exploration

Create and explore summary and detail data from relational, NoSQL, or Big Data sources using a highly interactive browser-based solution.

Data Virtualization

Integrate multiple data sources into a single metadata view to enable analysis and reporting across disparate sources without requiring ETL or a Data Warehouse.

Data Integration

Build a central data repository by extracting data from various relational and non-relational sources and load into a data warehouse or data mart with our data integration tools.

Multi-Tenant BI

Using a single Jaspersoft environment, quickly isolate users, roles, reports, and related permissions to securely separate one tenant from another for SaaS-based applications.

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